Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Calling All Prayer Warriors

Well, everyone, there has been a lot happening in the Liddell house, and at Willow Springs in general: some good stuff, some really discouraging stuff. There's an element to this work in which we certainly feel the spiritual attack of the enemy, and there's also just the fact that ministry gets messy. We have dealt with spiritual and/or physical sickness almost constantly since the New Year started. Amidst the problems have come many victories. I am just amazed and so proud of the work that Blake especially has been doing with the boys; after hours long conversations and life lessons and everything else that he does, even when he falls asleep completely spent and worn out, he wakes up ready to do it all again. God's grace is more than sufficient for us--it's our lifeblood.

Right now at Willow Springs, we have four boys in the Liddell house and two boys in the Mac house. I think we--the Willow Springs employees, collectively--have been doing constant heart work with our guys since Christmas. I mean constant. Anyone with teenagers knows this can be an exhausting pursuit, and anyone with teenage boys understands how fruitless it can feel. However, we know that the Holy Spirit is working here, and what feels fruitless one day miraculously transforms and materializes into whatever end God was working toward all along. Until we see this transformation, we strive in faith to meet needs and impart wisdom in the lives of all of the boys that come through our doors.

The WSBR team is six families whose lives are woven into this ministry, and whose hearts break over and over for the boys we have (and have had and may have some day). We struggle through all sorts of problems and questions during our staff meetings, and rejoice over the prayers God answers. It is a small, intimate ministry having a part in God's bigger plan of redemption and restoration for all people to Him. And who can even fathom how far God's work at Willow Springs Boys Ranch could reach? Not me, especially on the days when I can't even see how far one day's work could reach.

In all of these things, in all of these feelings, in all of this at Willow Springs, I hold fast to God's promises. I hold fast to the fact that God has already figured out all of the things that keep me from falling asleep at night, long before I even knew about them. And knowing this, here are the things I pray for, and I hope you would grant us the honor of interceding on our behalf for these things as well:

  • Constant wisdom beyond what we thought we were capable of possessing
  • Grace for the boys, grace for us, grace everywhere all the time.
  • For laughter and joy to break through the heaviness when we need it
  • Faith in God's promises despite the hopelessness of the day, should it feel hopeless
In regards to new boys, material needs, anything of the sort, I don't really have any knowledge of these things at the moment. I do know, however, that prayer is powerful, and we need it. We always need it, but our awareness of this need ebbs and flows. So, consider this my call to arms, people of prayer. Please be thinking of Willow Springs while you pray.