Friday, May 16, 2014

A is Back!

And, no, I'm not talking about Pretty Little Liars (but I did finally watch the entire fourth season and I swear at this point I'm only watching it for closure. It drives me--and my husband, because he hates that I watch it--crazy).

If you keep up with us on Facebook, you are probably aware that our latest pictures have included two boys instead of one. T's brother, A, is finally back at the ranch! Things are going pretty well so far, and we are hoping that when summer starts he will still be doing well. :) I do not want to disclose too much personal information about our boys through the blogisphere, but I will ask that you pray for A's continued healing and well-being.

Recently Blake and I arranged a space in the back of the utility closet to serve as a prayer closet, that anyone in our house can use. I left a journal from India and one of our Bibles in there, and both boys have utilized the space a few times. Something about being behind a closed door, in a small space, where it's really quiet, somehow seems to help them feel more like God is really listening. Perhaps it feels like being in God's secret clubhouse or something. It seems like it has been a good thing for them when they have used it, like they can come out a different person, or at least feeling closer to this God that I think neither of them would say they understand at all. I would go into deeper detail about where I feel they are at with God personally, but please understand that I am trying to really guard these boys. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) by what kind of personal questions people ask them, and they are already pretty guarded--so I try not to give others more information to freak them out with ;)

Okay, so back to where I was going when I started talking about the prayer closet. I think one of the biggest things that boys coming to the ranch need to understand is what grace is, and why it is so important. Obviously at the ranch there are rules and expectations that need to be followed--but grace is the cement that holds this place together. And let me tell you, as a house mom, I need a lot of grace. Blake needs a lot of grace. Our bosses and our fellow house parents and relief houseparents and our counselor need a lot of grace. The boys need so much grace, and it's really difficult for them to understand (and hey, we all have trouble understanding it, right?). So, please, pray for an abundance of God's grace around us, in us, through us.

Another thing you can begin to pray for is a boy that may be coming to the ranch some time after labor day. He is thirteen, and he will come look at the ranch next week. We are hoping and praying that he will find a home here at the ranch; please join us in doing so!

Thank you once again for your continued intercession for us. We love and appreciate you!

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