Friday, March 4, 2016

An Intermission Post

So, you all have hopefully read part one of the bedroom story, involving tearing off the addition on the side of the house. If you haven't, you can go here to read it. I will do my usual Monday or Tuesday post next week with the details of part two, as well as many, many detailed after pictures, DECOR AND EVERYTHING, y'all. In the meantime, I wanted to answer a few FAQ's regarding our current housing situation, as well as questions about how the renovation journey is going in general. Also, it's an excuse to show you more pictures of some decorations in the living room and dining room that we have been able to put up as we have waited around for other things to happen. :) I will take any opportunity to show pictures.

FAQ #1: when are you moving into the house?

Okay, here's the deal with that whole thing. To move into a house, you need three basic things to make it work: electricity, running water (ideally with a hot water option for bathing), and heat. The first of these three was fine, but the last two of these were not ready when we moved to Shawnee. Blake worked at every possible moment on getting the water running and getting the gas working when he wasn't in class or doing either of his other two jobs. The water was fixed relatively quickly, but the gas took a while to get working. Our house was built in 1945, and our best guess was that all of the pipes for the gas were the original gas work. In an effort to save money he tried to work with what was already there, then ended up having to replace it all anyway. Yesterday, a plumber friend came out to inspect and approve the work before the city came out for their inspection, and today the city gave their stamp of approval to have the gas turned on for the house! This means that the company should come out Monday to have the gas turned on, and we will be officially moving into our house! And you will get ALL of the happy selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

FAQ #2: Where have you all been living while getting your house liveable?

Blake's parents own a house next door to their own where Blake's brother Caleb is living, and there is a spare room. It has been really nice to have at least 10 babysitters available at almost any given moment, as well as possible fixer upper volunteers.

FAQ #3: So, you're moving into a house with no kitchen and no laundry room?

Well...yeah. The kitchen shouldn't take too long, it just needs to, you Here's a sneak peak:
I don't actually know how these things will magically happen, other than the fact that Blake designed this and knows how to do everything, so I am SUPER EXCITED.
As for the laundry room, it will eventually be the basement, but Blake says it is way too scary down there at the moment for him to not feel guilty making me do laundry down there. There's a pretty amazing laundromat in Shawnee that I plan on frequenting, and if that wasn't an option there is always a washer and dryer available at the Comptons' house(s). We do have a washer and dryer that will be great when the basement is Blake-approved for me. 

FAQ #4: Have you and Blake discovered more about each other's personalities through this process?

Have you ever read any of The Awkward Yeti's Heart and Brain comics? Blake is brain and I am heart. These comics do a great job of visualizing how most of this fixer upper (and our life together) goes: 

Us, always.

Me about most things in the house that are a significant problem.

Definitely us when it comes to not-fun fixer upper stuff like putting up all of the tools.
We already knew we were like this, it is just magnified on a daily basis.

FAQ #5: When do we get more before and after pictures?!??!?!???!??!!!

If I acted according to my feelings, I would have revealed everything we have done and are doing by now, but Blake advised that I would hold interest longer if I just blogged once a week. Also, if I don't space things out, I am going to catch up to where we are on our progress, and I don't want to hit a blog-wall where I can't update anything for like, a month. I am cheating and writing this one because I love showing you after pictures! I LIVE FOR AFTER PICTURES. I also jump at any and every oppurtunity to unpack a box. So, here's a few pictures of some decor we have been able to put up in the living and dining room:

The music wall in the dining room :) Can't wait to get all my voice books out of storage!

Piano decor details

Finally got that mantel decorated :) Blake's influence is obvious here, he thinks less is more, I think it needs flowers.

We also have decor put up in the bedroom, but I am going to show you those with the before and after pictures when I do the big reveal of the bedroom next week in The Bedroom Story | Part Two. See you Monday or Tuesday, back here. :)

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