Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Kitchen: A Brief Update

We have made more progress on the kitchen in the past month than, well...ever! Which is really good news! I have used the oven and stove to cook dinner almost every day for about a week now. Most importantly, we were able to have Blake and I's belated birthday cake!

My absolute favorite cake, peanut butter with chocolate chips. Addie approved :)

Oh, man. That cake seriously hit the spot.

The grout is sealed, cleaned, and lovely. The stove is awesome, but friends are actually giving us their stove, microwave, and dishwasher! So, we will obviously have more stuff to install next week, but hopefully we will also have the last two out of three cabinets built to install as well!

A stove! That I cooked on! In my house! In real life!

You may have noticed the pretty display on the door by now. Here's a helpful hint circa The Nester's philosophy--it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, right? So, if you're sick of looking at a hideous door in need of removal, sanding, re-painting, and re-installation, but no time or money to take care of it, turn it into a pretty focal point!

I LOVE our tile. I LOVE our ceiling. And I can't wait for that kitchen cabinet (the white wooden crate-looking thing) to be done, as well as the other two Blake will be building.

I got kraft paper, watercolored the black lettering, got the ivy and cotton from Hobby Lobby, and Blake helped me hang it all up. Voila! A place the eye wants to go, instead of being drawn to too many coats of paint and leftover mirror glue. There is still a LOT to do, but it looks like kitchen and less like a construction zone!

Now, I leave you to go make some chocolate chip blondies. I can do these things now!


  1. Everything looks awesome guys!! We miss yall and wanna come see you soon!! Hope all is well love you guys:)

    1. Thank you so much! Please do; we have air conditioning now so it is comfortable and not miserable ;)