Monday, May 4, 2015

What Has Been/Is Happening at Willow Springs

Hello, beloved Willow Springs supporters and readers! I have been thinking and praying about this particular post for quite a while now, especially in regards to when would be the best time to make all of the upcoming changes around Willow Springs known to the general public. Some of you have been informed individually about what has been and is happening at the ranch at the end of this week, and now seems like a good time to fully explain all that is going on and how you can continue to support us.

As most of you know by now, there are two houses on the Willow Springs property that house boys: the McClendon House and the Liddell House. Blake and I reside in the Liddell house with our four boys, and Jon and Whitney reside in the McClendon House with their two boys. When a couple applies to become house parents here at Willow Springs, they commit to being house parents for two years. Jon and Whitney became house parents in June of 2013, and as their first two years have wound down, they feel that God is leading them to continue in ministry in South OKC. J&W will be moving in the next couple of weeks back to Oklahoma City, and the two boys that currently live in their house will be moving into our house this coming Mother's Day Sunday.

For the time being, the Mac House will be closing its doors and receiving renovations. The sooner funds are available and the renovations are finished, the sooner the house can reopen. Until then, however, Blake and I will be the only full time house parents at Willow Springs, with six boys in our house. One boy will be returning home sometime in the beginning of June, as his story has been one of success and victory, and he is ready to reacclimate to life at home with his parents.

In this time of transition, please know that anything you do to support us will be received with complete joy and gratitude. Please think of us in your prayers, and intercede on our behalf for these things:

  • Provision and peace for all of the guys--but also especially for the two moving into our house--as they navigate through transitions and goodbyes 
  • An abundance of energy and grace for all of the staff as we work together through these changes
  • For relationships to flourish in our house 
  • For generous donors to give towards needs such as renovations for the Mac House as well as for basic living provisions to be met (groceries, bills, gas, etc.)
  • For the guys' hearts to continue to be pliable to the movement of the Holy Spirit; even in what has seemed like a season of hard conversations and all of the sucky parts of parenting, there has been a current of God's movement perpetually eroding away rough exteriors of hard hearts in our house. It is not a clean or easy process by any means, but it is a process we have full faith that God will complete and bring to fruition. 
For our fellow First Baptist Chandler church members who are wondering where we have been, Blake and I are still filling in leading worship for a church in Edmond several Sundays out of the year. We miss you and are looking forward to seeing you all at church again soon. We are so grateful for your unwavering support in our presence and our absence! 

Once again, and always and forever, thank you for reading, praying, caring, investing, and everything you do to support Willow Springs!

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