Monday, June 29, 2015

Re-entering the Twittersphere

That's right, everyone. This house mom is ups with the times.

As I have been logged on to Twitter, I am overwhelmed by the amount of people tweeting. Each account you see is probably run by someone who has at least three other accounts. It seems that Twitter is the place where you can be a little snarkier and creative than you can be on your Facebook feed where Grandma can see it, which isn't so different from how I remember it. Also, I think stalking on Twitter isn't as creepy as stalking on Facebook. Is that right? I think that's right.

There was a time when I was like, the Twitter queen. That's a little overstated, maybe the Twitter...door greeter. When Blake and I were in college at OBU, we decided to forgo all social media outlets. It helped us concentrate on our work more, and stare at our phones less. If the world wasn't so enraptured by social media, I must be honest, it would appeal to me about as much as sushi appeals to my five guys: glad you like it, but nope, none for me, thanks.

To be completely real with you, there are a lot of people I can connect to on Twitter that I don't connect with on Facebook. Also, it turns out that these days, if you want to be a real writer, you get a Twitter following. Blake had a Twitter once upon a time with the best bio ever: "Is, {don't follow me, follow Jesus} a Jesus juke?" Follow Jesus, but also, please follow me on Twitter. We can tweet all the things together, you and I.

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