Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Update

I have been a house mom getting stuff done today.

I woke up, poured my (obviously EOTE) cup of joe, and: rescheduled my doctor's appointment; did some prep for a class on purity Blake and I will be teaching in a couple of weeks; scheduled senior panel pictures for one of our guys who is going to be a senior this year (#whatislife?); got dinner in the crockpot for tonight (what would my family eat if not for Pinterest and crockpots?); ordered a piano book with some easy arrangements of works by Beethoven, Mozart, and others that one of my guys has been begging to be able to play; worked through the calendar to begin scheduling and planning a summer recital for my piano students; and made everyone lunch...except myself. I'll eat something later. I'll also shower later. Everyone knows when you're a mom you basically have to choose two of the three: 1. Everyone getting fed 2. Getting everything on your list done 3. Showering and feeding yourself.

Let me tell you, readers, this summer has been crazy. Two of our guys are working full time summer jobs, we had VBS last week (or the week before? I have no idea what day it is), everyone wants to go do different summer activities at the absolute last second, and if you aren't already feeling like this summer is flying, let me remind you that in one month and ten days, school is starting. That means we are about half way through the summer.

We celebrated three birthdays in the month of June, and we have two birthdays to celebrate during July, as well as our fourth anniversary. Two of our guys are going on home visits this weekend, and the other two are going to stick around and get to do fun fourth of July activities with my side of the family. Most of these activities involve eating. Thanks again, Pinterest! We are also taking the guys out for a day on the lake, where we will get to rent a boat and do tubing and water skiing all day. After going to Florida for a week last year, this is going to be our "family vacation" for this year. I can't wait to tell you all about it, it's going to be a blast and the guys cannot stop talking about it.

A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and mini chocolate chips for our 16-year-old, and an orange creme cake for the hot 24-year-old. I forgot to buy candles before we had cake so they each only got one. Oops.

A way-easier-than-it-looks ice cream cake for our 15-year-old.

As far as needs around Willow Springs, first I want to thank anyone and everyone who has been involved with the renovations at the Mac house next door. We have all of the funds needed for the renovation! All we need now are volunteers who can get it done, and the funds needed to reopen and support house parents and boys living there. We tend to find that whenever the means necessary are there, God brings applicants to fill the houses. God has provided, and He will continue to provide what everyone needs. Please keep praying for us, and if you feel God leading you to give, know that God is moving in the lives of the boys at Willow Springs, and whatever boys end up at Willow Springs.

Please keep praying for our guys. Even in the short time since school ended, I can see them changing and growing, and can see evidence of God moving in their hearts. It can be a tough process with teenagers to see if and when they are hearing God or paying attention to ways He is moving in their lives, and sometimes it feels a little fruitless, but it isn't. It is happening; it is unique and different for each young man in our house, but it is definitely happening.

If you have been involved with and investing in the lives of these young men, please know that we notice and we appreciate it. It takes a village to raise a child, right? Please continue to pray for all of us at Willow Springs who fight for the success of these young men, and thank you for all that you do to support us!

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  1. Todd posted the link to your blog early this morning. This is my first time reading it. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you, your husband, & the boys. Love in Christ, April Lowry(from North Augusta, SC).