Monday, July 27, 2015

Paula Kaye's Famous Street Tacos

Okay, I am not going to be that mommy blogger that posts a thousand recipes on her blogs, but you need this one. YOU NEED THIS ONE. It's so easy. It's so delicious. It is super budget friendly. AND, bonus, it's gluten free. You're welcome, gluten-conscious people of America.

I know I am the worst food photographer ever; but I could only last about three seconds before inhaling these street tacos. Which I made for myself. At eleven o'clock at night.

I have had these beauties a handful of time at the Compton's house, but the last time we had them Paula Kaye walked me through her discovery of them. She had a friend who had been a missionary (to Spain? Brazil? I can't remember), and would buy "street tacos" from the vendors. Once you learn about them, you will never need to actually look at the recipe again, because your heart will have it memorized, and treasured forever.

Small white corn tortillas (the brand with the Mexican Flag on it is best and costs the same as the Great Value brand) (I have a family of six and we still haven't finished off one entire package of these tortillas, and we have had these for dinner one night, then some of us for lunch the past two days, each of us having at least three at a time. So...yeah one should be enough)
Shredded chicken (you can boil it in chicken broth and delicious spices, but if it's a last minute thing you could get rotisserie chicken from Walmart, which is also really tasty)
Fiesta blend shredded cheese
Your preferred brand of hot sauce
Cilantro (fresh is better in my opinion, but the dried kind in the shaker is good, too)
*Lime Juice
*Refried Beans or Spanish Rice
*Sour Cream
*Ranch dressing

1. Heat a large skillet or pan on medium - high heat, depending on if you like your tacos kind of crispy. No grease or oil or butter or whatever necessary.
2. Arrange your toppings onto the tortilla in this order: refried beans if you choose, then cheese, then shredded chicken, then hot sauce (less is more, people), then cilantro. If you would like lime juice on your taco, squeeze a little on there, too. Don't overdo the toppings too much, because the tortillas are small. You could put less toppings on there, but eat like, fifteen of them. Or three, if you're a more reasonable person.
3. Place taco flat on pan until the cheese has melted.
4a. Carefully fold taco over and press just enough for it to shut.
4b. Here you can slightly unfold the taco to stuff in the extra toppings you want.
5. Serve and devour so quickly you basically burn the roof of your mouth beyond repair because YUM.

Alternative cooking method:
Ignore step one, place tacos on plate and microwave for about one minute. They're a little messier, but still really good and it's fast.

*indicates optional but mouth-watering additions to the original recipe

I made sure each of the guys learned this one because it is such a cheap, easy, fast recipe that will be perfect for their bachelor pads some day. Or when they're young, poor newlyweds. Or filthy rich, who cares? These things are so good. The guys have decided this needs to be a weekly meal, so it's going to be our Wednesday night meal before church. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Would you guys get sick of these if we had them once a week?"
The guys: "We could have these three times a week and not get tired of them."

I also made some kick-butt homemade salsa from veggies at the fruit stand at the end of the dirt road.

I'm assuming you're going to go to Walmart tonight and buy these ingredients. Know that food has connected us across space and time, dear reader, as I also assemble and eat mine sometime after ten o'clock.

*Recipe Update*

I made crockpot pulled pork the other day, and we still had a ton left so I thought hey, I'll use some of this to make street tacos for myself (because yes it is 10:30pm and if you must eat you may as well eat something with sustenance so you stay full instead of eating 800 cups of cereal).

 And I did. And YOU GUYS. You're welcome for more leftover ideas that don't taste like leftovers. #streettacosforpresident 

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