Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Kitchen | Scrapes, Sweat, and the Ceiling

So far, our family's "screen fast" has proven effective in at least one area: removing distraction from renovating our...all of our house.

Yesterday, Blake and I finished installing the ceiling panels, and Blake also finished the crown molding. Y'all, it looks SO GOOD. We managed to finish it up in just two hours while Adeline napped. I used the nail gun more than once without wincing, and only fell off the ladder one time; which, considering my lack of coordination, I will count as a huge success. The scrape on the knee which absorbed most of my fall is mild, but the bruise I can feel forming behind it is still throbbing a little bit. I was working so fast and getting so much done that my feet literally couldn't keep up. Come on, feet, get with the program.  Blake only laughed at me a little bit, which considering his lack of sympathy is also a huge success. ;)

Dat ceiling, tho'. 

In addition to our kitchen work yesterday, Blake has begun what he hopes will result in working air conditioning via the basement, now that it has started to be noticeably stuffy and hot in the house this past week. This is also why we got the ceiling done as fast as we could, because we were so ready to shower. Every time I have my first big summer-sweat, I rediscover places I didn't realize would sweat, and rediscover how not built for Oklahoma heat that I am, despite the fact that I've lived here my entire life. Only 43 days until I'm sitting on a beach.

Blake also continued to clean up the backyard this week; we want to do at least a little more work before we show you a before and after panorama. More accurately, a before and during panorama; all of the things we want to do to the backyard will take much more time and money than we will have in the near future. Also, he trimmed up the grass that has started to grow in place of the small, decaying lawn in the backyard behind our master bedroom. I bought my first succulent last week, which I have a feeling is the gateway to other, larger succulents that will eventually cover large portions of our landscaping. Whatever we plant will have to survive in spite of my laziness.

Try to visualize a little swing set and bench seating wrapped around the tree. *insert heart eyes emoji here*

Stay tuned, because next week I will most likely be taking a break from the fixer upper blogging to over-blog about Addie's third birthday party. :)

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